The more that time passes, the more that we lose sight of the things that don’t matter. Growing older, I started seeing that things that do matter. We are all humans; we are all flawed. What gets people is their way of thinking. Beliefs become a condition of their reality. Life is just what life is. There isn’t much more to it, other than the meaning that you create for yourself.

Be content with who you are and forget about all the things that don’t serve you. People change regardless of what you do for people; they will always do what they need for themselves. Some people built up their opinions based on their insecurities.

Don’t be the type of person that loses yourself based on someone else’s beliefs. Their belief is their own experience with how they deal with their own—problems, not yours. The only thing sure thing in life is death. Not much more, we label so many other meanings we forget to live. What is the substance to your life?

Being almost thirty, I can say that I haven’t found my substance; I am learning how to grow alone. Learning stuff alone and spending time with yourself shows you a different side of who you are. Accepting that you are human also is a form of self-love.

Live ,learn, love.

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