Accepting the lesson

Let’s get honest for a second, the world is going to shit, and people are don’t know what to do with themselves.

When it comes down to finding inner peace, it’s always been a struggle for me. Lately, I’ve been tapping into my creative side. Seeing people being people has always been a blessing; seeing things with light has always been a blessing. You cannot live life in the past, regardless of how safe it feels there. People will always do what they need for themselves. It is okay knowing that people are figuring it out with or without you. Don’t hold on to these feelings of anger or sadness as they are just here for a brief stay. Life is happening, and it will continue happening with or without you. Some people broke as childern making them unhealed adults, which is hard at times dealing with them know that we all face a different level of life each page isn’t the same for each books, some books are longer than others books. Some books have a different topic than other books, and books here is referring to life.

I want to say this is coming from a place of suffering in the past holding onto it doesn’t heal; trying to fix it doesn’t heal it, letting it go doesn’t repair it. Accepting for it is, and seeing the lesson within is when healing starts. Saying this comes from a place I am learning how to implement in my life.


  1. Thank you for sharing this. It’s so humbling to be able to see the child through adults and see myself in them. With so much going on, people appear to be looking everywhere except to themselves. In a world where there is a constant “look at this” ad, some are least likely to sit still in silence for a moment and ask…”what’s good with me?” This post is so deep. I’m grateful!

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