The world we once knew is no longer for the moment. We are losing insight into what it means to live.

The Media is robbing us of our freedom; we are more than labels to experiment on; we are lives.

As a Society, we needed a reset. The earth is healing.

This time, the terrorist doesn’t have a race nor a religion, we can feed into the scare, or we can see the blessings. Going back in time, having my freedom robbed of me from a disease I never thought about dying, I never said to myself today I am going into this to die. Fear wasn’t an option. If I spent time reading statistics, I would’ve died out of fear. After cancer, I came out with a different mindset.

I am a firm believer in the power of the mind; what we tell our mind is what our reality becomes. I am not a doctor, and I am not a scientist; I may come off crazy; this whole thing has been a meaningful trigger. It allows me to resee what I needed to see.

This virus taught me to let go of things we cannot control and accept what we have in front of us. Letting go of pride and accepting each other for who we are. Seeing my parents ‘, this worried only made me realize how worried they were when I was fighting cancer. I have been building a more reliable connection with my dad; we have been playing backgammon almost every day just for him to get his mind off this virus. Knowing that fear can kill the soul, I try and eliminate that aspect of concern for a brief moment in time. I challenge you to do something different after reading that last part, drop the pride.

Vices, we all have them. We are all human; knowing that we have them is when we become self-aware of the issue and fix the problem. If not, we will be building our graves. I never understood why people find it essential to fit into a community of being like for being something they are not. What we let out to this world isn’t always who we are. Self-centered hearts can’t feed a village. We are all in this together.

In each Abrahamic religion, it says thou should love their neighbors. That why starting now, I am letting go of all hate that holds my heart from loving. I want to see everyone win regardless of their plan for seeing me win. I can’t control their life; I can only control my own life and my perception. I am human, and I am flawed, I am all within all, creating my reality. Stay safe and healthy, with love and respect i hope this message reaches you with clarity

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  1. This is SO pure. Love is the highest frequency and when it’s tapped into, it’s healing. It has the power to do so many things. I’m thankful for your resilience in life, even more that your willing to share it with others. Fear has done so much in the world and it’s humbling when I learn another person understands its there but fights to not bow to it. Your light is real, I’m grateful!


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