Being A Muslim in America

Being a Muslim American hasn’t been hard. However, being a person that never understand religion nor god, that where things got hard.

In life, there needs to be a place where we feel fulfilled, where we feel safe, free of all judgments, and accept where we are in life.

After surviving cancer, I started looking deeper into life, and I got lost in the after effect that I started back to where I began; this time, I didn’t have the proper tools, nor did I have God.

See, what turned me off with religion wasn’t the religion itself. It was the people representing the religion. God doesn’t judge, all are god creatures, yet people feel entitled to share a belief that they feel is right.

The deeper you look into life aspects, the further you’ll need to climb to get out of the hole you are digging.

By saying by all this, and what I want to tell you guys, is no matter what others think of you, worry about what you think about yourself. Why god created a creature like you. What is your purpose, and how do you want to be remembered when you die.

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