الحمد لله

I never looked for you in my darkest times; I am looking for you now. I am asking you to help out this world, help out my family, help out all my enemies, help me out. I was hoping you could guide me on seeing the light in me and the light that you installed in all of us. The evil happening in this world has taken a toll on me and on us, makes me wonder why I am still here.

You made me survive a disease that most never beat, and I forgot who you were; maybe it was the serpent that whispered in my ear to keep me far away from you. This new age era doesn’t even know the power in your name. You show me signs every day in becoming a new person; you help me get up every morning to tackle a modern-day, I block my gift from within blinded by the snake in the garden. I hear the silvering sound hissing thinking it could poison me, I once feared it, but with your will and with your guidance, I am learning how to see insight on why I survived this disease.
All praise to the most high